BluesephJan 22, 2023 12:15am0 Comments

"Ragnarok" -> "Resolute" Rebranding

After 10 years online, the "Ragnarok" community is ready for change. With much consideration, months of planning and work, our staff team is thrilled to announce our official re-branding!

Moving forward, we have taken the name "Resolute"! There are many reasons for this change, though we will detail the most impactful.

With great change comes great opportunity for growth! It opens the door for new people to become apart of our community, and allows returning players a refreshing experience.

Our new branding places heavy emphasis on the strength, loyalty, and endurance of our community. With a bold, stylized font our brand new logo will capture the eye and draw interest! Highlighting a strong red to soft purple, the "Resolute" brand encapsulates the past 10 years of "Ragnarok".

Our mark, a fiery phoenix emblazoned on a crest, was chosen for its apt symbolism. Reduced to ashes at life’s end, the phoenix re-emerges as a more powerful, revolutionized version of itself. Many times our community has faced hardship in the ash, only to come alive with a renewed burning to be better. We are strong. We are family. We will endure.

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