Server Rules

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1) Don't break it or take it if it isn't yours.
2) Lock your chests.
3) No griefing / stealing of any kind
4) No exploits.
5) Absolutely no unwanted sexual harassment, or public displays of affection.
6) Building within 500 blocks of server warps is forbidden.
7) Do not use alts or discord to bypass punishments.
8) Do not use slurs of any kind, Racial or homophobic.

9) Use common sense. If you have questions about rules please create a ticket and ask first

1) No Spamming.
2) Only use bots in the music-and-bots.
3) No IP grabbing links.
4) Do not post anything that is considered NSFW.
5) Do not excessively channel hop.
6) Do not pull the music bot out of someone else's channel without permission.
7) Do not excessively tag staff/players.
8) Use complete sentences when typing.
9) No advertising.
10) Posts must be in relevant channels.
11) Do not use slurs of any kind, Racial or homophobic.
12) Do not post pictures or text that is making fun of, or is any way harmful to another person or community member.
13) You must follow discord TOS (Terms of service).

Staff reserve the right to remove any post they find offensive or that is against server rules.

Server IP: