At its heart, Resolute is a friendly, community driven server. We focus primarily on our fully custom Enhanced Survival server has op items, op enchants, fully custom menu's and enchants not found anywhere else. With dedicated servers, top notch security, and a committed staff team, your experience is our top priority. We hope to see you online!

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Enhanced Survival

Enhanced Survival is where the Ragnarok Network draws it’s roots from. With fully custom items and super op enchants, you won’t find another server like it. Why fight mobs with traditional weapons or mine with simple tools when you can use guns and mine with laser beams? Enhanced survival has it’s own fully custom texture pack that will enhance your playing experience and allow you to take minecraft to an entirely new level.


Minecraft has come a long way over the years. If there was any video we'd love to unironically share, it's gotta be the original launch trailer. This gem was not just a trailer for a game, it was the trailer for a generation.

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